Android is the most favored and ideal smartphone operating system for more than a decade. It has attained global reach among all sorts of users. Android OS has no better competitor as far as the number of apps it holds. Undoubtedly, Android is inoperable without Play Store support. It wouldn’t have turned out to be a successful OS without Google’s Play Store. Are you looking forward to know more about Google Play Store Apk for Android? Then, we got you covered everything about it.

Android’s Official App Store

Google has made the Play Store as the official app store of Android devices. It includes Android smartphones, Android TV, wear OS, Chrome OS, and web. Play Store is the one-stop destination to download and install any Android apps. Currently, Play Store features more than 2.9 million Android apps. It has apps for everyone and every other day-to-day activity. Play Store apps are categorized for the convenience of users, and thus finding and downloading apps is an easy task.

Besides accessing Android apps, the Play Store is used as a digital media store. With this, Android users can access movies, music, books, and entertainment content. The apps and digital contents in the Play Store are either free or available at a subscription price. Play Store ensures all its apps and other contents are safe and secure to download on Android phones.

How to Download Play Store Apk on Android?

The guidelines given below will help you download and install Play Store apk on Android phones.

Note: Any Android phone or tablet will usually come shipped with Google Play Store. Because Play Store is a developer made app and is available by default. In any unfortunate situation, the Play Store app might crash or you might have accidentally deleted it on your Android phone. In such a case, Android supports reinstalling it, but the installation isn’t official, and you need to rely on some third-party source. This method is termed sideloading on Android. With this, you will be able to install the Play Store as an Android Package file or Apk. Be assured that you get it from a trusted and reliable source.

Steps to Download Google Play Store Apk on Android

Before you proceed with Play Store apk download, you should deal with security permissions. It is nothing but Unknown Sources, and it should be enabled in order to install any apk file including Play Store.

Note: Those with Android 8.0 or above can skip to step (3).

(1). Open Android Settings > select Security.

Tap on Security

(2). Look for Unknown Sources and enable it.

Enable Unknown Sources

Note: If a warning pop-up appears, click OK to install an apk file from any unknown sources.

Click OK to install Google Play Apk for Android

(3). Launch Chrome or any web browser on your Android phone.

(4). Type in the address bar as Play Store apk and search for it.

(5). Click on any trusted website like APKMirror from the search result to open it.

(6). Find the latest version of the Play Store apk file and download it.

Note: Users with Android 8.0 or higher will get a prompt on the browser. It warns you that saving this type of file may harm your device. You should choose OK to download Play Store apk.

(7). Open File Manager and go to download location. Tap on the PlayStore.apk file to install it on your Android device.

Things to do with Play Store

Get to know what the Play Store Android app offers you.

  • Install official Android apps from multiple categories like business, education, social, finance, productivity, etc.
  • Play your favorite games categorized under different genres like action, card, puzzle, role-playing, and more.
  • Rent or buy TV shows and movies with Play Movies based on your geographic location.
  • Read ebooks, audiobooks, comics, and much more from different publishers and writers.
  • Android users can buy or stream free music and podcasts by artists from across the world on the Play Store app.
  • Transform ordinary Play Store experience on Android with personalized recommendations and editor’s choice.
  • Play Store will notify you with the latest updates of any Android apps and games as soon as it is released.

Hands-On Google Play Store Apk on Android

Find out the procedure on how to use Play Store apk on Android from below.

(1). Go to the app drawer to click on the Play Store app.

(2). Use the search bar to find the app or browse the store for apps.

Play Store on Android

(3). Click on an item on the Play Store.

(4). Press Install or item price to download it.

(5). On the prompt, read the list of permissions and click Accept.

Note: No Android device prompts you for a password or fingerprint.

(6). After the installation, tap on the Open button to launch Play Store apps.

Wrapping Up

Any Android certified smartphone will have Play Store pre-installed. Because it is a developer made app, and thus you need not look for it anywhere. It is the primary app store from which you can install, update, and uninstall Android apps. As Play Store is by Google, you indeed require Google account credentials to access it on Android. As long as you have the Play Store app on Android, you will be able to access millions of apps, games, and other digital media content.

However, Play Store filters the list of apps based on certain criteria like your device location, compatibility, etc. Not all the apps developed for Android are in Play Store. By default, the play store has certain restrictions. So, it filters apps to thereby limits apps that aren’t safe to use. The Android apps downloaded from the Play Store are tested and verified. So, they are absolutely safe to use.

You don’t have to get the Play Store Android apk as long as you are using the Play Store that comes built-in on your Android device. Otherwise, you need to download the play store apk file to thereby deal with Android apps and games.

The advantages of using the Play Store aren’t limited to Android devices. You can also download Play Store on PC Windows.