Using Android smartphones for longer hours makes eyes dry and painful. The blue light that gets emitted from it will suppress the melatonin, the hormone for sleep. To overcome these kinds of issues, the latest Android OS has received system-wide dark mode support. However, Google is working on bringing the dark mode to all its apps. While most of them have received it, so the Play Store is not an exception. If your Android has a default system theme, you can make use of the dark preference to work on Play Store. In either way, you can enable dark mode on Play Store to reduce eyes stress level. Get down to know more about Google Play Store Dark Mode.

Need for Dark Mode on Play Store

Those using OLED or AMOLED display will get the following benefits upon enabling dark theme on Play Store.

  • Using dark mode on Play Store will minimize your device battery usage.
  • Prevent eyes from getting strained due to flickering and blue-light.
  • Stay focused when you browse, search, or download apps.
  • Read app information better without the screen glare.
  • Navigate better on the Play Store interface in low light conditions.

How to Turn on Google Play Store Dark Mode

Play Store has gained the dark mode support, and you can follow the steps as given below to enable it. Currently, Google Play Store dark theme is available on version 16.18.17 and higher.

(1). Open the Google Play Store app on Android device.

(2). Tap on the Hamburger icon (three horizontal lines) at the top-left corner.

Press Menu-Google Play Store Dark Mode

(3). Select Settings from the list of options.

Tap on Settings-Google Play Store Dark Mode

(4). Choose the Theme option.

Choose Theme

(5). Select the radio button next to Dark.

Select Dark

FYI! You may choose System Default (Android 10) or Set by Battery Saver (Android 9). However, the Play Store will reflect dark theme only if you have turned on dark mode on your system settings.

Play Store Home Page in Dark Mode

Wrapping Up

Turning on Play Store dark mode will save your eyes whenever you try to access it in a low light environment. Also, you will be able to view better your Play Store interface as a dark theme will turn everything dark. Above all, it will considerably reduce the device battery level.