Android has reached an unreachable position in the smartphone market. Google Play Store is one solid reason for its fame and popularity. It is the most trusted tool when it comes to downloading apps and games for Android OS. Being the biggest app store doesn’t mean you will not encounter any problems. Play Store at times, bring you issues and errors for a different reason. Of all, Google Play Store Download Pending is the most commonly seen issue. This occurs when you try downloading anything on Play Store. The most frustrating thing is it keeps everything you attempt to download in the pending state.

If you have so far questioned yourself why does Play Store say download pending, then it isn’t a thing just for you. A lot of Android users are facing it for varied reasons. This section will guide you in a better deal with this issue in the most effective workarounds.

Way to Fix Google Play Store Download Pending Error

This section collectively listed the possible fixes to escape from Google Play Store Download Pending error.

Pause Multiple Update or Download

You may find your Google Play Store stuck on download pending issues when you attempt to download or update multiple apps. Play Store will usually pause the downloading, or it will download apps one by one. As a result, you will face download pending issue in Play Store.

FIX – Try to cancel downloads for all the apps. Just proceed with the app that needs an update in priority.

(1). Launch Play Store and press Menu (three horizontal lines) from the top-left corner.

Tap on Menu
Tap on Menu

(2). Click on My Apps & Games among the list of options.

Press My Apps and Games
Press My Apps and Games

(3). Under the Updates tab, press X next to the apps that you want to cancel download or update.

Check this to resolve the Google Play Store download pending error on your Android device.

Chance App Download Preference

Play Store will download the apps based on the preference you have set under Settings. If you have restricted app downloading over WiFi, then you will get Download pending Play Store error.

FIX – You should check the app download preference and change it in such a way that Play Store downloads in any network.

(1). Open Play Store from the Apps section.

(2). Tap on Menu icon (three horizontal lines).

Tap on Menu
Tap on Menu

(3). Choose Settings with the gear icon.

Select Settings
Select Settings

(4). Click on the App download preference option.

Note: Optionally, you can set Auto-update apps to Don’t auto-update apps.

Tap on App Download Preference
Tap on App Download Preference

(5). Select Over any network radio button and tap Done.

Choose Over any network
Choose Over any network

Now, check if you could download Android apps without pending issues.

Free up Device or SD Card Space

You can’t download new apps when your Android phone or tablet has less storage. It may be one of the causes of Play Store downloads pending error.

FIX – Check if your Android device is running out of space. If you don’t have enough space, then try to delete the unused apps and data on your device. This may resolve download pending issue.

(1). Go to Android Settings and select Storage.

Select Storage
Select Storage

(2). Click on Free Up Space.

(3). Remove unused apps or delete old media files.

You may try downloading apps on Play Store to check it has fixed Android Play Store download pending error.

Clear Cache & Data

If you aren’t able to find the exact reason for Play Store app pending error, then it may be because of cached data of Play Store and Play Services.

FIX – Clearing the configurations and settings stored on the Play Store might resolve the issue. Removing these files may let you download apps further.

(1). Go to Android Settings and select Apps.

Click on Apps
Click on Apps

(2). Scroll to find Google Play Store and make a tap on it.

google play store download pending
Select Google Play Store

Note: Choose Google Play Service to clear cache and data.

(3). Click on Clear Cache.

google play store download pending
Tap Clear Cache

(4). When the cache gets cleared, tap the Clear Data button.

Choose Clear Data
Choose Clear Data

(5). Tap on OK when a prompt appears to delete app data permanently.

google play store download pending
Press OK

You shall now try to download the app and check if this has resolved Play Store download pending issue.

Check for Software Updates

Having an out-dated software will not let you install Android apps and games.

FIX – Update the device software to the latest version. With this, the cause of the Play Store app download pending error will not occur.

(1). Open the Android Settings app.

(2). Scroll down to click on About.

(3). Click on Software updates.

(4). Tap on Check now.

(5). When there is any new update available, install it.

Use Play Store on Browser

Play Store says download pending on Android, and you may be unaware of the exact reason. When fixing up fails, you may try to install apps using the Play Store website.

FIX – Upon logging into the same Gmail account as that of your Android, you can download Play Store apps from any browser.

(1). Open a browser and visit

(2). Search for the wanted app using the search bar.

(3). Choose the same from the suggestions list.

(4). Click Install to download it.

So, the app will automatically download on your Android phone. This way you can fix Play Store stuck download pending error.

Use Different Google Account

If you want to stay away from download pending on Google Play Store, then try a different Google account.

FIX – Changing the Google Account will let you switch to its associated Play Store account.

(1). Open Settings and click on Account & Sync.

(2). Select the Google account and tap on Remove account.

(3). Now, restart your device.

(4). Navigate to Accounts & Sync to click on the Add account option.

(5). Add the new Google Account, and you may reattempt to download apps on Play Store.

Roll Back Play Store Update

At times, the recent Play Store update would be the cause of download pending in Play Store. Try to fix it up to download apps.

FIX – You may revert back the Play Store update to the factory version to check if this helped you out.

(1). Go to Settings on Android and select Apps.

(2). Select Google Play Store.

(3). Click on the Uninstall updates button.

google play store download pending
Click on Uninstall Updates

(4). On the prompt, tap on OK to replace this version with the old update.

When you try installing anything on Play Store, the app will update itself to the latest version. You may check if that has stopped Google Play Store saying download pending.

Wrapping Up

These are the possible ways in which you can get away from Google Play Store download pending error on Android device. We hope you are able to fix it up with these tips and tricks. Have you got any other means? Then let us know them from your comments.