Smart TV’s are replacing the oldest cable TV subscription. Just like Android phones, smart TV with Android OS is most preferred because it is convenient to access by almost anyone. Google Play Store is an essential requirement on the devices running on the Android operating system. So, Play Store is mandatory even on Android smart TV if you want to download and access Android apps. It is a one-stop destination to explore apps, games, movies, and more other digital distribution contents that are Android compatible. Despite its usefulness on Android handhelds, users of Google Play Store for Android TV will also experience the same on the big screen. Android’s support for smart TV has paved the way for lots of app developers to work on apps that can be used on Play Store. The interface of the Play Store on Android TV is user-friendly, just like Play Store on Android.

Is Play Store Built-in on Android TV?

Yes. Play Store is in-built on Android TV by default. It includes the line up of devices like Android TV, set-top boxes, and digital media player. So, you don’t require any manual installation. You will find apps that you love, like streaming services, live TV, games, tools, and more.

When Should I Download Google Play Store on Android TV?

If your Android smart TV doesn’t ship with Play Store or remove it by mistake, you shall download it. Some important steps are needed to be carried out to get back the Play Store on Android smart TV. You require to download the Play Store apk file from third-party sources to install it on Android TV, and the same is discussed in the section below.

How to Download Google Play Store for Android TV

Follow the steps mentioned below in the right order to download Play Store apk onto the Android TV.

Primary Requirements:

As to install a third-party file on Android TV, you should make some changes to the device settings.

(1). On your Android TV, click on the Settings (cog or gear) icon.

Click on Settings
Click on Settings

(2). Select Security & restrictions under settings.

Choose Security and restrictions
Choose Security and restrictions

(3). On the next window, click to turn on Unknown Sources slider.

Toggle on Unknown Sources to get Google Play Store for Android TV
Toggle on Unknown Sources

Steps to Download Play Store Apk for Android TV

Make sure you have a PC, cloud storage, and File Explorer on Android TV before proceeding.

On PC,

(1). Launch a web browser on your PC.

(2). On the search bar, type as Play Store apk and hit enter.

(3). Open any trusted website from the search result.

(4). Hover to select the Download button next to the latest version and start downloading the Play Store apk file.

(5). Now, open your cloud storage account on PC. Say, Google Drive.

(6). Copy the Google Play Store apk file from PC to Drive.

On Android TV,

You must have a File Manager app installed on your Android TV.

(1). Open ES File Explorer on Android TV from the apps section.

(2). Select Network to click on the Cloud option.

Click on Network
Click on Network

(3). Click on the New button and choose Google Drive as a cloud service.

(4). Go to the location in which you have saved Play Store apk and click on it.

(5). Click on the Install button to download Play Store on Android TV.

(6). As soon as the installation gets completed, the Play Store will launch.

How to Use Play Store on Android Smart TV?

After the installation, you shall follow the steps given below to use Play Store on Android TV.

(1). Press the Home button on the remote.

(2). Use the navigation key to select Google Play Store from the Apps section.

Select Play Store on Android TV
Select the Play Store

(3). Select the Search icon or use the microphone option on remote to search for an app.

Search for Apps on Google Play Store for Android TV
Search for Apps

(4). Choose the desired app from the search result.

(5). Click on the Install button to download Play Store app on Android TV.

Wrapping Up

Most often, an Android-based smart TV comes with Play Store built-in. Because it is a developer made service and is an official app store of Android. If you have lost access to it, then you shall sideload it with the guidelines given in this section.