Google Play Store is the predominant thing required to install and update apps on Android OS. It is an Android app warehouse that comes in-built on every other Android device. The availability of ‘n’ number of apps on the Play Store is the solid reason for Android’s growth. This popularity has made BlackBerry re-brand its business strategy on manufacturing Android-based smartphones. So, you will find Google Play Store on BlackBerry smartphones powered with Android OS. Besides the Android compatibility, BlackBerry OS is still functioning on some of the older phones. As this section aims to help you better, you will find the installation guide of Google Play Store for BlackBerry on both the operating system in brief.

How to Download Google Play Store on BlackBerry

Lately, BlackBerry has entered into the Android world. All its newer models are designed with Android OS. Some of them include BlackBerry KEY 2, KEY 2 LE, DTEK60, Motion, KEYone, DTEK 50, etc. All these devices will ship with Google Play Store by default. So, you can access the Android app store directly from the apps column without any complications.

In case you have lost access to Play Store on BlackBerry (Android OS) phone, then you can sideload it as an Apk file just like you do on any other Android phones. You shall click on the link for the detailed guidelines on installing Play Store Apk on Android smartphones.

Is Play Store Available for BlackBerry OS?

No. Play Store is the official App Store of Android OS. However, those using BlackBerry OS 10.3 or later can access the Android app store. This includes most BlackBerry Q series (Q5 & Q10), Z series (Z3 & Z10), P series (P9982 & P9983), Passport, Leap, Priv, etc. It is important to note that BlackBerry discontinued most of these models. So, only those already using it can install Play Store on BlackBerry OS phones.

How to Download Play Store on BlackBerry OS Smartphone

The steps below works on BlackBerry OS 10.3 and higher.

(1). Go to Settings on your BlackBerry OS smartphone.

(2). Click on App Manager to choose Installing Apps.

(3). Tap on the slider next to Allow Apps from Other Sources to be Installed.

Allow Third-Party App installation
Allow Third-Party App installation

(4). Use the web browser on your BB phone and download Google Play service apk from any trusted website.

(5). After the download, open it to click on the Install button.

Install Google Play Service apk
Install Google Play Service apk

(6). Then, download the Google Account Manager apk file using the browser.

(7). When the download is completed, open and install it.

Install BlackBerry Google ID apk
Install BlackBerry Google ID apk

(8). If prompted, provide your Google account credentials or choose to create a new one.

Sign in to Google Account to use Play Store on BlackBerry
Sign in to Google Account

(9). Now, download BlackBerry Google ID.apk file from any trusted source.

Install BlackBerry Google ID apk
Install BlackBerry Google ID apk

(10). Click on it to launch and thereby register the BlackBerry device with Play Store.

(11). Finally, download the Google Play Store apk file on your BlackBerry OS phone.

(12). Open it after the download and click on Install.

Install Play Store apk on BlackBerry OS
Install Play Store apk

(13). With the installation, you can use the Play Store on BlackBerry phone.

Benefits of using Play Store on BlackBerry

There are lots more you can do other than installing apps and games with Play Store on BlackBerry Android smartphone.

Update Apps

Whenever the developer of the Android app releases a new update, you can get the latest features with a click on the Play Store. You will get notified when an update is received on Play Store.

Download Apps from PC

Upon signing up with the same Google account on BlackBerry phone and PC, Play Store lets you install an Android app from PC. It will show your device compatibility under every other app.

Parental Controls

With Play Store Settings, you can set content restrictions. It is helpful if you have kids using the device. Turning it on will prevent them from accessing apps, games, and music that aren’t relevant to them.

Restrict In-App Purchase

Play Store lets you restrict someone unauthorized to purchase apps accidentally using your account. Set require authentication for all purchases from Settings.

Provide Ratings and Reviews

Every Play Store app requires appreciation. So, you can rate and review those apps you have installed from within Google Play Store. In turn, this helps someone to install it. You can also view your past ratings.

Access Third-Party Apps

If your favourite app is region-specific, then you can sideload it as an Apk file. It requires enabling third-party sources file installation on your BlackBerry settings.

Wrapping Up

That was all about Google Play Store on BlackBerry smartphone. Android’s addition to BlackBerry is all the way incredible. With this, the users will be able to install and access millions of Android apps without any limitations.