Play Store is officially meant for Android devices where you can install Android apps and games. Accessing it is simple and straightforward when it comes to the Android phone. But, it isn’t the same case when it comes to installing Google Play Store on Linux. You indeed require an Android environment on Linux to access the Android play store. This section uses Anbox, a tool that will put your Android OS into a container. It will abstract the hardware access and has core system services into GNU/Linux. Hence you can access every other Android app on Linux. Find out how to install Google Play Store for Ubuntu/Linux using Anbox. Make sure you have an ADB installed on your host system.

How to Install Google Play Store for Linux / Ubuntu

Linux PC users can follow the steps given below to install Google Play Store using Anbox.

(1). Launch a browser on your Linux PC and visit

(2). Scroll down and click on the Install Anbox button.

Download Anbox to Install Google Play Store for Linux PC
Download Anbox

(3). Follow the screen instructions after the download to install Anbox on Linux.

1. To install Kernel Modules

$ ls -1 /dev/{ashmem,binder}

2. To install Anbox snap

$ snap install --devmode --beta anbox

(4). To install required dependencies

$ sudo apt install wget curl lzip tar unzip squashfs-tools

(5). On the terminal, use the command given below to download the script for Google Play Store, Play Services, and libhoudini to make it executable.


and type as

chmod +x

(6). To run the script, enter the following command.


(7). To make Google Play Store and Play Services work in Anbox, use the command


(8). Now, open the Anbox Settings app to select Apps.

(9). Click on Google Play Services to select Permissions and enable it.

Enable Play Services Permissions
Enable Play Services Permissions

(10). Navigate back to Apps and select Google Play Store to choose Permission to enable all the permissions.

(11). Finally, click on Google Play Store to access its features on Ubuntu.

To Conclude

With Anbox on Linux, you can access Google Play Store. However, it would be best to remember that not all Android apps and games will work with Anbox. At times, you will not find some apps on Play Store with Anbox, while a few others may not work after the installation.