Google Play Store is the quintessential part of any Android verified smartphones or tablets. It is a one-stop destination for all your Android apps and games need. You should sign in Play Store using Google account credentials and thereby download apps and games. In unfortunate situations, you will get Play Store won’t download apps pop-up. This issue should be fixed up to further download and access your favourite apps on Android. There isn’t any accurate reason found for this issue. Thus we have consolidated the list of possible fixes that will resolve the Google Play Store not downloading apps error.

Ways to Fix Play Store Won’t Download or Not Downloading

If you are unable to download Play Store apps, you may try any of the following fixes to resolve it.

Check Internet Connection

If you have no internet or weak internet connectivity, then you may get Google Play Store not downloading apps issue. In order to resolve this, you should check for internet or WiFi connectivity. Make sure you have the highest range and try downloading Play Store apps.

Clear Play Store Cache & Data

When the cache memory is full, you may get Play Store won’t download apps pop-up. In addition to clearing cache, you may clear data to give a fresh start to Play Store. This will fix up the issue, and you may be able to download apps.

Note: Clearing cache will remove cached data while clearing data will delete Play Store data permanently.

(1). Open Android Settings and click on Apps.

Tap on Apps
Tap on Apps

(2). Scroll down to choose Google Play Store.

Click on Google Play Store
Click on Google Play Store

(3). Tap on Storage.

(4). On the next screen, click on the Clear Cache button.

Select Clear Cache
Select Clear Cache

(5). When the cache gets cleared, make a tap on the Clear data button.

(6). On the prompt, select OK.

Tap on OK - Google Play Store not downloading fix
Tap on OK

Restart Android Device

If you can’t download Play Store apps, then try to restart your device. Check if this has resolved Play Store won’t download issue.

(1). To restart, press and hold your device’s Power button.

(2). On the pop-up, tap on Restart.

Choose Restart - Play Store Won't Download fix
Choose Restart

(3). After the restart, try downloading apps.

Check Storage Space

When your device is low on space, then you cannot download apps. To fix this, you should clear up your device space.

  • Take a backup copy of files and data to the cloud and delete them.
  • You may even delete some of the unused apps.
  • Clear cache of all the apps you have installed, and this will instantly free up your device storage.

Check SD Card

When your external device storage card or SD card isn’t set up properly, you may face Google Play Store not downloading issue.

  • To fix up this, you shall eject to remove the SD Card and then insert it back. You may now check if Play Store lets you download apps.

Clear Play Services Cache

If you aren’t able to download apps on Play Store, then try clearing the cache of Play Services. This may help you resolve the Play Store won’t download issues.

(1). Go to Android Settings and select Apps.

(2). Get down and tap on Google Play Services.

Tap on Google Play Services
Google Play Services

(3). Click on Storage to tap on the Clear Cache button.

Press Clear Cache - Play Store Won't Download fix
Press Clear Cache

You may now look if this lets you download apps on Play Store.

Uninstall Play Store Updates

If Google Play Store not downloading issue is due to the latest Play Store update, then you can uninstall the update.

(1). On Android Settings, click on Apps.

(2). Choose Google Play Store.

(3). Hover to click on the More icon and tap on Uninstall updates.

Tap on Uninstall updates to fix Play Store Won't Download
Tap on Uninstall updates

(4). Upon getting a prompt, you shall click on OK.

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Remove & Re-Add Google Account

If any of these fixes don’t work and you still face Play Store won’t download pop-up, remove your Google account, and add it back.

To Remove Google Account,

(1). Go to Android Settings and select Accounts and backup.

Choose Accounts
Choose Accounts

(2). Select the Google account you want to remove.

Choose Google Account
Choose Google Account

(3). Hit the Remove Account button below your account name.

Click on Remove Account to fix Play Store Won't Download
Click on Remove Account

(4). Click again on the Remove account.

To Re-Add Google Account,

(1). On Android Settings, choose Accounts & backup.

(2). Tap on Add account to choose Google.

(3). Provide your Google Account details like Gmail and password.

(4). Now, open the Play Store to check if you can download apps.

Check for Android System Updates

If your device isn’t up-to-date, you may sometimes get Google Play Store not downloading apps issue. So, just check and update your Android device.

(1). Go to the Settings section of your Android phone.

(2). Click on the System option to select Advanced.

(3). Choose System update to check for any new updates.

(4). Upon having an update, click on the Install or Update button.

Wrapping Up

You may try the above fixes one by one, and any of them will fix Play Store not downloading issue. If you aren’t able to download it, then the final option is to reset your Android device. Make sure you take a backup copy of your files just before reset. With this, your device will get a factory default, and you can start fresh.