It is hard to imagine how installing and updating Android apps would be without the Google Play Store. Updating any Play Store apps that you already have is a must. Only then, you will be able to access the new features of that app. Also, the update may resolve the bugs or unknown issues with the previous version. Occasionally, Play Store brings in some problems, and fortunately most of them are resolvable. Google Play Store won’t update is one such issue, and it needs to be fixed up if you are really concerned about using the latest features. While it is hard to find the actual reason for this issue, we have consolidated the possible fixes. You may try them to check if that resolves Play Store won’t update apps issue on your Android device.

Possible Ways to Fix Google Play Store Won’t Update Apps

If Play Store isn’t letting you update apps, then you may try any of the fixes to resolve the issue.

Check for Internet

Check whether your Android smartphone or other devices is connected to an active internet connection. It is highly recommended to connect the phone to WiFi and try updating apps.

Clear Play Store Cache & Data

If the internet isn’t the cause of the issue, then clear the cache and data of the Play Store on Settings.

(1). Go to Settings and select Apps.

Select Apps
Select Apps

(2). Choose Google Play Store.

Choose Google Play Store
Choose Google Play Store

(3). Select the Storage option.

(4). Click on Clear Cache.

Click Clear Data and Cache
Click Clear Data and Cache

(5). Then, tap on Clear Data. On the warning pop-up, click OK.

Click OK-Google Play Store Won't Update
Click OK

Now, try to update the app on Play Store and check if it is functioning.

Restart your Device

When you aren’t able to update apps, then you may just restart your device to check for the result.

(1). Press & hold the Power button till the pop-up appears.

(2). Press Power off or Restart.

Power Off or Restart-Google Play Store Won't Update
Power Off or Restart

Note: Restart will turn on the device whereas, choosing Power off requires pressing the power button.

Open Play Store and check if Google Play Store won’t update apps issue is fixed.

Log out & Log in to Google Account

You can sign out of the Google Account on your Android device and sign in back. If your account has any bugs, this will fix up and resolves the updating problems.

(1). Launch the Settings app to select Accounts.

Click Account
Click Account

(2). Click on your Google Account from the list of options.

Select Google Account
Select Google Account

(3). Choose Remove Account.

Tap on Remove Account-Google Play Store Won't Update
Tap on Remove Account

(4). Now, restart your device.

(5). Navigate to Settings to select Accounts and sign in back with Google Account.

You may now check if this has fixed Play Store won’t update apps.

If you want to install the latest version of the Play Store Apk file, click here.

Clear Cache & Data of Play Services

Sometimes the Play Services would have some bugs or issues. As a result, you cannot update Play Store apps. Clearing its cache and data would resolve the issue.

(1). Open Settings app.

(2). Select Apps and choose Google Play Services.

Click on Play Services
Click on Play Services

(3). Tap on Storage to click on Clear cache.

Click on Clear Cache-Google Play Store Won't Update
Click on Clear Cache

Launch the Play Store and try updating the app.

Note: In case if it doesn’t fix the issue, then you can clear cache and data of Play Service Framework and Location Services with the above steps.

Uninstall & Reinstall Play Store Updates

Play Store may fail to update apps as a result of a recent update. So, you may uninstall and reinstall the update to check if the issue has been resolved.

(1). Go to Android Settings.

(2). Select Apps.

(3). Click on Google Play Store.

Note: If you don’t find it, then click on See all apps or App info.

(4). Press More (three dots) to select Uninstall updates.

Click on Uninstall Updates-Google Play Store Won't Update
Click on Uninstall Updates

(5). Click on the OK button to give Play Store factory default.

Now, launch the Play Store to try if you can update apps on Google Play Store.

Reset Device to Factory Settings

When any of them doesn’t resolve the issue, then you have no other option than resetting the device. This will provide your device with factory default settings. With this, the apps and services will work without any issue. Make sure to take a back up your device and then reset it.

(1). Open Settings on your device.

(2). Select the System option.

(3). Click on the Backup & reset option.

(4). Tap on Erase all data (factory reset).

(5). Hit Erase all data option at the bottom.

Winding Up

It is important to fix up this problem if you want to update Android apps with its latest version. Only then you will be able to make use of the latest features of the desired app. For any reason, if you find your Play Store isn’t updating, then you can troubleshoot and use the possible fixes one by one. Play Store won’t update is a temporary issue, and you will hardly require a minute or two to fix it up. Hope our guidelines have better resolved it.