Google Play Store is the pre-built app on any Android device. It has the entire collection of Android apps, games, and other digital content. Without the Play Store, installing the official apps on the Android device goes impossible. In other words, it is the primary thing with which the Android device users can download and access Android apps. The contents available on Google Play Store are region-specific. So, the Play Store will limit certain contents based upon the location of your device. In other words, the country you reside determines the type of content you see in the app store. You should indeed change the Country in the Play Store when you move to a new country. Only then you can access the apps, games, and other digital contents of that region. In this section, we will help you with how to change country in Play Store.

Things to Consider Before Changing Country in Google Play Store

  • Google Play Store lets you change country only once in a year. In other words, you cannot change your country back for one year.
  • Upon changing the country, you may lose access to region-specific apps, games, books, movies, and music.
  • You cannot use Google Play balance of your old country from the new country. However, it can be accessed when you switch back to the old country.
  • Those already set up a profile in a new country can switch between the old and new accounts.

How to Change Country in Google Play Store

The necessary steps you should perform to change region in Google Play Store are as follows.

Important! You must be there in the respective country while changing the country in Play Store. In addition, you need a payment method of the new country which will later be used for in-app purchases.

(1). On your Android device, launch the Play Store app.

(2). Click on the Menu (three horizontal lines) from the top-left.

Tap on Menu
Tap on Menu

(3). Select the Account from the options list.

Select Accounts to Change Country in Google Play Store
Select Accounts

(4). Under the Preferences tab, look for Country and profiles to click on it.

Click on Country and Profiles
Click on Country and Profiles

(5). Choose the country to which you need to change the Play Store. Click Continue when prompted.

Click Continue to Change Country in Google Play Store
Click Continue

(6). You shall proceed to carry out the new payment method.

(7). With this, the Play Store will change to the new country.

Note: Play Store will take a maximum of 24 hours to update this change.

FYI! You can try changing your country on Google Play Store with a VPN installed on an Android phone. With this, you will be able to see the location to which you have connected to the Country and profiles section. But make sure you remove your Google account and add a new one. You may skip the payment information when prompted.

Why don’t I find an option to add a Country?

For the following reasons, you will not find the add a country option on Play Store.

  • You aren’t in the new country at the moment.
  • You might have changed the country in the last one year.
  • Your Play Store account may be a part of Google Play Family Library.

To Conclude

Here comes the end. I hope you have learned to change country on Google Play Store with our easy-to-follow guidelines. You may take advantage of location-based content on the Play Store with this.