Google Play Store offers games and apps for people of all ages. While it is safe for adults, not all the time, it shows kids-friendly content. In unfortunate cases, Play Store might bring in irrelevant or inappropriate content, especially for the kids. By default, Play Store doesn’t restrict users from downloading content. Thus it is hard for the parents to keep track of all their activity in real-time. However, setting up parental control will prevent or thereby restrict children from accessing the Play Store. If you are really bothered by your child’s activity on Play Store, then it’s time to know how to lock Play Store & set up parental control.

How to Lock Google Play Store & Set up Parental Control?

More than one method exists in which you can lock the Play Store and set parental control. All of them are dealt with briefly in the below section.

Lock Play Store & Set up Parental Control using Google Play Store

You can lock the Android store and set up parental control from within the Play Store app. It is the easiest option to lock the Play Store.

(1). Open the Google Play Store app on the device you want to set up parental control.

(2). Press the Menu bar (three-line) available at the top left corner of the screen.

(3). Scroll down on the menu to select the Settings option.

Select Settings

(4). Click on Parental Controls under User Controls.

Select Parental Controls

(5). Tap on the toggle slider to turn on Parental Controls.

How to Lock Play Store

(6). Provide the PIN to set up parental control and press OK.

Create PIN

(7). Confirm the PIN by typing it again and click on OK.

Confirm PIN

(8). Under Set content restrictions, select Apps & Games, Movies, Music.

Select Content Restrictions to Lock Play Store

(9). Choose the age rating and select the Save button.

Choose Ratings

(10). On the warning pop-up, select OK to confirm changes.

Press OK to Lock Play Store & Set up Parental Control

Set up Parental Control using Family Link for Play Store

If you want to restrict the child’s Play Store activity, then you shall make use of the Google Family Link app. Unlike the Play Store, setting up parental control for Play Store using Family Link isn’t straightforward.

Note: You need a Google account for your child below 13 years of age handy before proceeding any further.

(1). Open the Google Family Link app on your (parents) device.

(2). Provide or choose the Google account you want to use with the parent account.

(3). When asked if your child has a Google account, select Yes and click on Next.

(4). You will get a nine-digit code on the following screen. Make a note of it.

(5). On your child’s device, you shall need to download the Google Family Link app.

(6). Launch the Google Family Link app and then follow the screen instructions.

(7). When prompted for the nine-digit code, provide it as you noted in step (4).

(8). You will be able to take control of your child’s screen and restrict them from using the Play Store.

Wrapping Up

Although you can lock Play Store using third-party apps, it isn’t the safest method as such apps might steal your private details. These are two trustworthy options in which you can lock the Play Store and set up parental controls on your child’s Android device. We hope the instructions have helped out well. Have any questions? Leave a comment, and we shall help you out.