Google Play Store is the central hub from where you can download Android apps, games, and other digital content. In addition to downloading, the Play Store is used to update apps and games that you have on your device. All Play Store apps get updates from its developer now and then. Any Android users would have known about the importance of app update. It is with the updates we receive new features, fix bugs, etc. As an Android user, anyone would know that updates are common on the Play Store. But have you ever thought of how to update Google Play Store or wondered when does the Play Store update occur? If you aren’t aware of how to update Google Play Store, then you will find this section informative.

Does Play Store Requires Manual Update?

In most cases, you don’t necessarily require a manual update to be done on Play Store. Google Play Store update will take place automatically when your device is connected to the internet. In a way more precise, the Play Store will update in the background, and you wouldn’t have noticed it all. Although it auto-updates, you may at times find trouble with Google Play Store. Whether you haven’t used your phone for longer or haven’t connected it to the internet, you can opt for a manual update. Right on this section, you will learn about how to check for Play Store Updates and ways to update it.

How to Update Google Play Store latest version

If you want to update Play Store to access its new version, then we have multiple ways to do it.

How to Force Update Google Play Store – Play Store Settings

This method is the simplest way to get your Play Store updated. It is carried out within the Play Store app itself.

(1). Unlock your Android phone and launch the Play Store app.

(2). Click on Menu (three lines) from the top-left corner.

Press Menu-Update Google Play Store
Press Menu

(3). Navigate on the menu to select Settings.

Choose Settings-Update Google Play Store
Choose Settings

(4). Scroll down to click on the Play Store version under the About section.

Tap on Play Store Version
Tap on Play Store Version

(5). If the Play Store has no new update, then you will get Google Play Store is up to date pop-up. In case of any update, then Play Store will start updating in the background.

Click OK-Update Google Play Store
Click OK

How do you Update Google Play Store – System Settings

If you want to update your Play Store with the latest version, you can do it from system Settings.

(1). Turn on your Android phone and click the Settings app.

(2). Select Apps or Application Manager based on your device model.

Hit Apps
Hit Apps

(3). Click on Google Play Store.

Select Google Play Store
Select Google Play Store

(4). Select Storage under Usage.

(5). Click on the Clear Data or Clear Storage button.

Hit Clear Data
Hit Clear Data

(6). A warning pop-up says that all the files, settings, account data gets deleted permanently. Tap on the OK button to proceed.

Tap on OK--Update Google Play Store
Tap on OK

(7). Now, restart your device. When it turns on, the Play Store will check and auto-updates.

How Do I Update My Google Play Store – Using Play Store Apk

You can carry out this process only if you find any difficulty in updating the Play Store because this method involves using Play Store apk from a third-party source.


In order to install the Play Store apk file from a third-party source, you should enable Unknown Sources.

(1). Go to Android Settings.

(2). Select Apps.

Hit Apps
Hit Apps

(3). Click on Menu (three dots) on the top-right.

(4). Choose the Special access option.

Select Special Access
Select Special Access

(5). Select Install Unknown apps.

Select Install Unknown Sources
Select Install Unknown Sources

(6). Tap on Chrome and turn on the slider next to Allow from this source.

Steps to Download Play Store Apk

(1). Open the Chrome web browser on your Android phone.

(2). On the address bar, type as Play Store apk and click on Go to search.

Search for Play Store Apk
Search for Play Store Apk

(3). Click to open any trusted source from the search result.

(4). Look for the Play Store apk latest version file and click the Download icon next to it.

Download Play Store Apk file
Download Play Store Apk file

(5). Once downloaded, select the apk file to install it.

With this, you will be able to access the latest version of the Play Store on your Android device.

Wrapping Up

It is essential to access the up-to-date version of the Play Store on an Android device. Only then, you can update Android apps, games, and more. Also, the Play Store update is must if you want to access its latest features. We hope this section has let you successfully update Play Store.