Samsung has been one of the pioneer smartphone brands. It is the most eminent brand to provide Android-based smartphones of all ranges. You will find Samsung smartphones at different prices from the lowest to the highest. So, there is a Samsung mobile phone for all your budgets. Every other Samsung smartphone comes with a Galaxy Store, the official app store of Samsung devices. You can use the app store to search and download apps and games of your choice. Since Samsung mobiles are Android-powered, you will definitely look for accessing the Play Store, the Android App Store. Find out if you can get Google Play Store free download for mobile Samsung by proceeding to the section below.

Is it mandatory to Install Google Play Store on Samsung?

Not at all. Samsung mobiles are powered by the Android operating system. Like any other Android device, you can find Google Play Store pre-installed on Samsung smartphones. Most often, you will find the Play Store on the home screen of the Samsung phone. Otherwise, it will be located on the apps section, and you shall find it with ease with its logo. On some Samsung mobile devices, it will be available in the folder labeled as Google.

So, it is not mandatory to install the Play Store on mobile Samsung unless you have uninstalled it. In any case, if you have lost access to Play Store, then you shall follow the section below for its installation.

How to Free Download Play Store for Samsung Mobile

Unfortunately, if you have deleted Play Store or it brings issues. You shall follow the step-by-step instruction given below to get Play Store on Samsung phone.

(1). Go to the Settings app on your Samsung phone.

(2). Scroll down to choose the Apps option.

Choose Apps to get Google Play Store Free Download for Mobile Samsung
Choose Apps

(3). Tap on the Three dots from the top-right corner to choose Special access among the options.

Select Special Access
Select Special Access

(4). Look for Install Unknown apps and click on it.

Click on Install Unknown apps
Click on Install Unknown apps

(5). Choose Chrome from the list of apps.

Click on Chrome to get Google Play Store Free Download for Mobile Samsung
Click on Chrome

(7). Just tap on the slider beside Allow from this source.

Tap on the Slider to use Play Store on Samsung
Tap on the Slider

(8). Open Chrome browser on Samsung phone.

(9). On the search bar, type as Google Play Store apk and press the Search icon.

(10). Select any trusted website from the search result to open it.

(11). Find the latest version of the Play Store apk and click on the Download button.

(12). Open File Manager and go to the Downloads section.

(13). Tap on Play Store apk, and it will start to install on your Samsung mobile.

How to Find Play Store on Samsung

If you are unable to find Play Store on Samsung phone, then you shall use the steps given below to find it.

(1). Open Settings and click Apps.

(2). Scroll down to find Google Play Store and click on it.

(3). If the Play Store is installed, you will find the Installed button. Else, tap on Disable button to enable it.

Tap on Disable button
Tap on Disable button

Wrapping Up

Samsung is yet another Android phone, and you shall access the Play Store by default. In fact, the greatest advantage of using a Samsung mobile phone involves accessing two app stores on the same device. Since Play Store holds the largest of apps, you will find apps that you don’t find on Galaxy Store.