Play Store is the most popular and the biggest of app stores with the gift card feature. With this, anyone can gift others with a gift card, gift code, or promotional codes. Google Play Store gift card codes can be sent through physical gift cards, email, and other delivery methods. While kids and children don’t have access to Google Wallet, a gift card code is the only way to purchase content for those underage Google account users. Thus, you can gift a Play Store gift card code to others as well as for your own use. Upon receiving the gift code, one should redeem it to get access to those offers on Play Store. This is a no tricky process if you learn how to redeem Google Play Store gift card code right from this article.

Important Things to Consider Before Redeeming Gift Code

You shall need to consider the below points before redeeming the gift card code.

  • It is mandatory to use the gift code that is associated with the country of the Google Play account.
  • The refund for the gift code will be issued only to the person who has purchased the gift.
  • Sharing or transferring the content between Google accounts isn’t possible. Make sure you use the right account to redeem the code.
  • If you get an error message and cannot redeem the code, then contact the Play Store.

How to Redeem Google Play Store Gift Card Code?

Play Store users can redeem the code using different methods as per their convenience.

Redeem Google Play Store Gift Card Code using Google Play Store

It is possible to redeem the code from within the Play Store itself. This is found to be the handiest option of all.

(1). Go to the Apps section on your Android device and Open the Google Play Store.

(2). Press the Menu (three horizontal lines) icon from the topmost left corner.

(3). Select the Redeem option among the list.

Select Redeem Option

(4). On Redeem a gift card or promo code pop-up, provide the code.

Type the Code

(5). Press the Redeem button after entering the code.

Click on Redeem to Redeem Google Play Store Gift Card Code

Redeem Google Play Store Gift Card Code using Computer or Laptop

Play Store supports redeeming the code from your desktop as well.

(1). Open the web browser on your PC, to begin with.

(2). Use the address bar to visit

Note: If you have already logged into your Gmail, then Play Store will use the same credentials. You can otherwise change the account by clicking on the profile icon.

(3). On the Redeem Code pop-up, input the gift or promotional code.

Redeem Code Play Store Gift Card Code

(4). Finally, you shall click on the Redeem button.

Redeem Google Play Store Gift Card Code from Google Play Gift Emails

In case Google Play has sent you redeemable codes via email, then here is the procedure to redeem it.

(1). Open the email that has the gift code on your device.

(2). You shall now click on the Redeem Gift option.

(3). Upon following the instructions shown on the screen, the code can be redeemed.

Redeem Play Store Gift Card Code while Purchasing on Google Play

The gift code from Play Store can be redeemed while making payment for any particular app. The steps involved are as follows.

Note: Follow the steps given below after going through the procedure to download the app and on the checkout process.

(1). When on the checkout page, select the payment method of your choice.

(2). Click on the down arrow available next to the payment method and select the Redeem option.

(3). Input the gift code and proceed with the screen instructions.

Note: Follow the same procedure while subscribing to an app to redeem the Play Store gift code.

Wrapping Up

These are the possible ways for redeeming the gift code that the Play Store has offered you. Upon redeeming, you will save some bucks while making an app purchase. For any queries, drop a comment below.