Google Play Store is the warehouse to download any Android apps and games. It collectively holds free and paid apps. Play Store supports uninstalling any free app at any time if you don’t want to use it. It is going to be the same thing in case of any paid apps as it involves your bucks. Not all the times, the in-app purchase or the paid app meet your needs. You may lately found it incompatible with your phone or isn’t worth the money you spent. It might even have disappointed you in terms of features. The worst-case scenario would be someone in your family have accidentally purchased the app. In any such cases, you can look for a Google Play Store refund.

Google has its own refund policies based on the contents you have purchased on the Play Store. When Google accepts your refund request for your recent purchase, then you would expect the reflect in your account shortly. Here in this article, we guide you on the possible ways to request and get a refund on Play Store.

Ways to get Google Play Store Refund

Google Play Store refund varies on what type of content you have bought. Know when you can request a refund on Google Play and then proceed with the ways to get your refund.

  • Play Store refund can be processed if your purchase doesn’t exceed 48 hours.
  • You may request a refund for an in-app purchase or app through Google Play.
  • If you want a refund for the purchased book, music, movies, or other contents, you can request a refund even after 48-hours.

How to get a Refund on Google Play Store within 2 hours of Purchase

If your current purchase of an app or game is within 2 hours, then you can easily get a refund from the Play Store app itself.

(1). Launch Google Play Store on Android device.

(2). Go to the respective app info page you want a refund for.

(3). Click on the Refund button.

With this, the Play Store will process your refund. If you don’t find the Refund button, then it means you have already crossed the 2 hours of purchase. This will not work if you are about to request a refund for an app for the second time.

FYI! Google Play Store refund request can be made through the Google support page. However, this works only if you are using English as a language on your device.

(1). Just visit \

(2). Click on the Request a refund button.

(3). Choose the account that used to make your purchase and proceed with the on-screen guidelines.

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How to get Google Play Store Refunds within 48 hours of Purchase

If your purchase has exceeded two hours and not 48 hours, then there are two ways in which you can achieve it.

Request a Refund on Play Store Website

To request a refund after 48 hours of purchase, you need to proceed with the browser.

(1). Open the web browser on any of your devices.

(2). Use the address bar to visit

Note: On the Play Store app, you should open Play Store > Menu.

(3). Select the Account option on your smartphone browser. Those using PC can skip to the next step.

Select Account-Google Play Store Refund
Select Developer Mail

(4). Choose Order history.

Click on Order History--Google Play Store Refund
Click on Order History

(5). Look for the app for which you want a refund. Just click on three dots to select the Request a Refund or Report a problem button.

(6). You need to fill out the form that appears and note that you would like to get a refund. Click Submit.

Provide a Reason for Refund Request
Provide a Reason for Refund Request

(7). Upon sending the refund request, you will get a message that reads, ” Thank you for sharing your concerns.” You will receive an email about the refund decision.

Play Store Email Response
Play Store Email Response

Request a Refund on Google Assistant

If you have Google Assistant on your Android phone, then you may ask for help to get Play Store refunds. Make sure that you are using US English on your device before proceeding.

You can make use of the following commands to initiate a refund from Google Play Store.

  • Cancel my Google Play apps order
  • I need a refund from Play Store
  • How do I get a refund from Google Play
  • I want a Google Play refund

How to get a Refund after 48 hours of Purchase

The only possible way to request a refund on your recent purchase that has crossed 48 hours is by contacting the developer of the app.

(1). Launch the Play Store app on your device.

(2). Use the search bar to find the respective app to contact its developer.

(3). Select the app and click on Read More to go to its Information page.

(4). Scroll down to Developer Contact and make a note of the developer’s email.

Select Developer Mail
Select Developer Mail

(5). Compose a mail with a valid reason for the refund request.

(6). Wait for the developer to respond to you.

Winding Up

This way, you can request a refund for your purchase from Google. While the refund decision gets done within 15 minutes of your request, you may get your refund anytime within 4 business days. At times, the refunds may take longer than usual based on the mode of purchase. So, you need to wait for the Google Play Store to process your request.

Let us know if these guidelines have guided you with refund requests on Play Store. Share your valuable feedback or suggestions as comments.