Play Store is the trusted app store for the Android operating system. It is important to keep it in the working state for better performance. Unfortunately, Google Play Store has Stopped is a common issue, which indeed requires fixing up. This occurs when your Android device has any corrupted data. Also, this might happen when the device and the servers don’t sync. Upon fixing it, you will be able to access Play Store without any issue.

Ways to Resolve Unfortunately Google Play Store has Stopped Error

If your Play Store stops abruptly, then you shall simply close the app and re-open it. If that doesn’t resolve, then you shall carry out the following things to fix it.

Note: Make sure whether the internet connection is stable before you proceed.

Clear Play Store Cache and Data

Clearing the cache memory and associated data will sometimes resolve the Play Store issue.

1. Open the Android Settings.

2. Select Apps or Apps & notifications.

Press Apps

3. Scroll to click on Google Play Store.

Select Google Play Store

4. Tap on Storage option to press Clear Cache.

Clear Cache and Storage of Play Store

5. Then, tap on Clear Storage.

6. On the prompt, press OK.

Click Ok

You shall now check if Play Store is working. Otherwise, try the next fix.

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Reset your Google Account

If your Play Store stopped working, then remove your Google account associated with it and add it back.

1. Go to the Settings app.

2. Choose the Accounts and backup option.

Select Accounts

3. Tap on your Google Account.

Tap on Google Account

4. Just press the Remove Account button.

Remove Google Account

5. When prompted, click again on Remove account.

Tap on Remove Account to fix Google Play Store has Stopped

To add a Google account, go to the Settings app, and select Accounts. Click on Add account to choose Google. Now, enter your Google account details.

You shall now open Play Store to check if the issue has been resolved. Otherwise, proceed with the next fix.

Uninstall Play Store Updates

Sometime, the recent update would be the cause of the Play Store to stop, unfortunately. You shall try to uninstall the recent updates of the Google Play Store.

1. Launch the Android Settings app to click on Apps.

2. Select Google Play Store.

3. Press the Menu icon (three dots) to choose Uninstall updates. Click OK on the prompt.

Click Uninstall Updates to fix Google Play Store has Stopped

If this hasn’t fixed up the issue, you shall try to uninstall updates of Google Play Services and Google Services Framework using the same steps.

Winding Up

Any of the above fixes will resolve Google Play Store has stopped unfortunately issue. We recommend not to keep too many apps open as it will bring in this issue at times. So, you shall close those apps that you no longer use. Share us if you know any other working fixes as comments below.