Google Play Store is a must on any Android smartphone. It works from behind whenever you use any Android apps or games. At times, almost all of us would have experienced one or more issues with Play Store. In most cases, the issues are resolvable when it is on the user’s Android device. Unfortunately, those Play Store issues that are a part of the update must only be fixed by the developer. Google Play Store Not Working is one of the common issues that any Android users might get. With this, you will neither be able to access Play Store nor its interface. When in such a case, you should fix it up to thereby use the Play Store on your device. To help you get out of this, we have come with this section, and in the end, your Play Store will work fine.

Possible Causes of Play Store Not Working Issue

Play Store may go non-functional for varied reasons and differs from each device. It may range from internet connection problem to trouble downloading, bugs, and more. You shall try to restart the Google Play Store to check if that has resolved the issue. If it is the user side problem, then you will be able to fix this issue successfully. You shall check it using downdector to find it. If Google Play Store not working is likely on the Google side, you need to wait for it to be fixed. Otherwise, you shall try the following fixes.

Google Play Store Not Working Issue – Possible Fixes

If you find Play Store to be not working or functioning, then try the following fixes.

Check the Internet Connection

  • Make sure your Android phone is connected to an active internet connection. You shall even turn on Airplane mode and turn it off. It is better to connect to a WiFi and check if Play Store is working fine.

Check Date & Time

  • At times, the Play Store will fail to work if it was unable to identify the correct date and time on the device. So make sure your device shows the right date and time. Try to use automatic date and time under Settings > System > Date and Time. If that hasn’t resolved, then you shall manually check for date and time.

Force Close Google Play Store

  • At times, a simple force close will fix the issue. This will reset it back, and you will be able to use it without any issue. To do it, you shall go to Settings > Apps > All > Google Play Store > Force Stop.

Restart Android Phone

  • You shall just restart your Android device. This will revert back any changes on the device, including Play Store. After the restart, you shall check if Play Store not working issue has been fixed.
Select Restart
Select Restart

Update Google Play Services

  • Check whether Google Play Services is in the latest version. Play Store will not work if Play Services isn’t updated. Go to Settings > Apps > All > Google Play Services > Update.

Clear Play Store Cache & Data

  • Give Play Store a new start over by clearing its cache and data. This will fix any usual bugs and let Play Store work just like earlier. To clear cache and data, you shall go to Settings > Apps > All > Google Play Store > Storage > Clear Cache > Clear data > click OK on the prompt.
Clear Cache and Data
Clear Cache and Data

Uninstall Play Store Update

  • Play Store Not Working issue might occur with any recent update of the Play Store. So, you shall uninstall it to check if that is resolving the issue. Under Android Settings > Apps > Google Play Store > More icon > Uninstall updates > press OK on the prompt.
Uninstall Play Store Update
Uninstall Play Store Update

Remove VPN or Proxy Settings

  • Try removing the VPN settings under More in the WiFi & Networks section. Just like that, you shall remove the proxy settings. Under WiFi, long-press the router name to click on Advanced.

Check Disabled Apps

  • At times, the apps that you have previously uninstalled will cause Play Store not working issue. Go to Settings > Apps > to check for any disabled app to enable it.

Remove Google Account

  • You shall try to remove the Google Account on your Android phone to check if that has resolved. Go to Settings > Accounts and Backup > Google Account > Remove Account > Remove Account.
Tap on Remove Account
Tap on Remove Account
  • To re-add Google Account, navigate to Settings > Accounts & backup > Add account > Enter Google Account details.

Uninstall Google Play Store

  • If any of the above fixes fail, then it is better to uninstall Google Play Store. Just press and hold the Play Store icon to choose Uninstall. Otherwise, you shall go to Settings > Apps > Google Play Store > Uninstall.
  • You shall reinstall the Play Store Apk file from any trusted third-party website at any time.

Our Opinion

Any of the workarounds will help you fix Play Store not working issue. You shall try any of them one-by-one and find if that has resolved the issue. Otherwise, you shall reset your handheld to factory default. This would be the last thing you can do to get rid of the Google Play Store is not working issue.