The default app that you will find on any Android phone includes Google Play Store. It holds the catalog of apps, games, and other digital content that are meant for Android OS. While it comes built-in, you must primarily open it to make the most out of it. In other words, you should open Google Play Store to download or update Android apps. Most of Android users would have used the Apps section to locate and launch Google Play Store. But there is more than one way that exists in which you can open Play Store on your Android device. For further details, you shall read the section below.

How to Open Play Store App

Check out this section below to know the possible ways in which you can launch Google Play Store.

Open Play Store using Home Screen – Easiest Way

The most traditional way of opening any apps, including Play Store, is using the Android device’s Home screen.

1. Unlock the Android phone to use its Home screen.

2. Press the All Apps button or gently swipe up to go to the Apps section.

3. Tap on the icon of the Play Store to launch it.

Select Play Store

Tip! If your Android phone has a Favorites bar at the bottom of the home screen, then you can find Play Store over it. Now, tap on the icon to open it on the Android handheld.

Note: In case it isn’t added as favourite by default, then go to All Apps. Press and hold the Play Store icon to thereby drag it to the empty space of your Home screen. Gently lift your finger. This will add Play Store as a shortcut on your Home screen. You can launch by clicking on it.

Using Google Assistant – Shortest Way

Almost all the latest Android smartphones are compatible with Google Assistant. The virtual assistant is designed to help you do things better over your voice command. If the above method seems to time consuming, you can launch the Play Store with the help of this virtual assistant. It is the hands-free option to launch Google Play Store, which is an added advantage.

To open Play Store using Google Assistance,

1. Touch and hold the Home button of Android phone to launch Google Assistant.

2. Say “Hey Google” and when it listens, you can tell “Open Play Store“. For instance, Hey Google, Open Play Store.

Open Play Store using Google Assistant

Note: You can even press the Microphone button to directly say, go to Play Store.

That’s all. Play Store would be launched in seconds.

Note: In addition to English, you can even open the Android play store over the language of your choice that Google Assistant is currently supporting.

Using Android Settings – Longest Way

Android users can open Play Store app right under the Settings menu. This is one of the longest ways, and you could probably try as a last option.

1. Go to the Android Settings app.

2. Select Apps & notifications.

3. Scroll down and click on Chrome to open it.

Click on Chrome

4. On the App info screen, click on the Advanced option to scroll down and select App details.

Choose App details

5. Now, the Play Store will launch with the Chrome app info screen.

Tap on Back button

Note: Just press the back icon to use Play Store.

Play Store on Android

Note: Some older model Android phone users can go to Settings > Apps > Google Play Store > click on the Launch button. This will open Google Play Store app.

Wrapping Up

Although opening the Android app store seems to be a simple task, this section aims to let you know the different possibilities. We hope you have found this session worth reading and informative.